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Let Us Rise Up and Build

The Book of Nehemiah


"When I Heard These Words, I Sat Down And Wept"

"So I Prayed to the God of Heaven"

"Let Us Rise Up and Build"

"Fight for Your Sons and Your Daughters, Your Wives and Your Houses"

"So We Laboured from the Rising of the Sun Till the Stars Appeared"

"Ought Ye Not Walk in the Fear of the Lord?"

"Sanballat and Tobiah"

"Should Such a Man As I Flee?"

"So The Wall Was Finished -- In Fifty And Two Days"

"For He Was a Good Man, and Feared God Above Many"

"Therefore They As Polluted Were Put From The Priesthood"

"So They Read in the Book of the Law of the Lord Distinctly, and Gave the Sense, and Caused them to Understand the Reading"

"And They Found Written In The Law..."

"Thou Art a God Ready to Pardon, Gracious, and Merciful, and of Great Kindness"

"For God Had Made Them Rejoice with Great Joy"

"Ye Shall Not Take Their Daughters Unto Your Sons"