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Current Issues Affecting
the Church


Issues Which Affected The Early Church:
How did the Apostle Paul handle church issues?
What Issues faced the seven churches of Asia?

Social Issues That Affect The Thinking Of The Church:
Where must Christians stand on abortion and euthanasia?
Is spanking children a form of child abuse?
How is the sexual revolution affecting the church and the home?

Issues Affecting The Worship Of The Church:
Is there and exclusive pattern for church worship?
Is church music exclusively congregational singing?
Can women have leadership positions in church worship?
Is there a need for an invitation after the sermon?

Doctrinal Issues Influencing The Church:
Did the Lord come in AD 70?
Can the church withdraw fellowship from those who have left the church?
Can churches provide kitchen facilities and fellowship areas in their buildings?
Can we know the truth about divorce and remarriage?
Are mixed business meetings scriptural?

Issues Promoted By Modern 'Change Agents':
What is the agenda of 'Change Agents'?
Are there any faithful Christians in denominations?
Soldiers of Christ Arise!